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Posted on: June 8, 2008 9:06 am

I am frustrated

I am rather frustrated. The other day, I took my son who had just had 5 shots to Baskin Robins to get icecream. We walk in around 4 o'clock, not expecting the place to be swamped with people on a weekday afternoon...much to my surprise - it was packed. Apparently there was a field trip there, and I believe about 15 kids and 5 or 6 parent that were supposed to be chaperones.  By the time we received our icecream, I turned and looked, there were no tables...apparently the kids had put all the tables but two together and taken all the chairs.  There was no where for us to sit and my poor five year old proceeds to sit on the floor. Frustrated, I look at the mother's who are just there to gab and not watch over these kids, and the teacher, not one of them offers us a chair for my kid. So we are now pretty much pushed into the corner to stand and eat the icecream. We could have gone outside, but it was very close to 100º weather, and there were no chairs, just a road, not what I consider an enjoyable experience...As we were getting ready to leave, I walked over to the water pitcher that is supplied on courtesy, with little cups. The purpose of this pitcher is you take a little cup and fill it up, and drink it. If you are wanting more, they have bottles of water to purchase. There was one of the mothers standing there, pouring, drinking, pouring drinking, over and over again, I think she did this 5 or 6 times. She did not even notice my presence, but I was standing right there beside her, that is until I said AHEM. I really thought these women with these kids were rather rude, the children were not being taught a basic lesson in manners, in which one of them should have offered a chair to the little boy that was not with the group...yet another example of the me, me, me society!! I am so pleased that these kids have great values instilled in them, they should be great assets to our society, demanding things from others. Great we really need more of that crap don't we...
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