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Posted on: February 24, 2008 9:57 am

I watched the game last night

For that to be a potential one for the books an instant classic, it really looked like a game of indoor street scrap ball to me. Memphis had to call a time out within the first 35 seconds of the game. Good move on Coach Calipari's part, as the team drained three's after that. But over all, a game that is between the #1 and #2 team's in the nation, especially this late in the season, I anticipate and expect better ball movement and better play making. I just did not see it in either team.  I was simply not impressed, and neither team to me looked like a number one caliber team. Go ahead shoot me down, I do not really care, we are approaching the wrap up of the regular season, Memphis was undefeated going into this match-up, Tennessee had only two losses...I expected  a lot more and got a lot less.

I am sure Tennessee will shoot up to the number one slot, but it will be short lived. Expect both Memphis and Kansas to fall this week with their losses.
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