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Posted on: March 22, 2008 7:08 pm
Edited on: March 23, 2008 8:41 pm

dook goes down to WVU...is rat king's job safe?

Two year's in a row dook has had an early exit in the big dance, last year, VCU surprised everyone (most of us were ecstatic) by defeating dook in the first round. People that hated dook basketball were seen buying souvenirs and merchandise from VCU. We danced, screamed, yelled to the entire world. It was a good day for the anti-dook consensus.

This year, dook was not anticipated to do well, however, they exceeded many people's expectations on the hardwood. They separated themselves into the top tier in the ACC for quite some time, then it came down to the final game with UNC as to who was going to be the regular season Champion (as it should be). There would be no ties this year, UNC won the regular season outright.

Then onto the ACC tournament, dook loses to a fiesty Clemson squad in the semi-finals, some argue that dook was just tired, the guys did not have their legs, they were simply tired...seemed like more excuses to me. A team of dook's caliber should not be tired or losing their legs this late in the season, dook is supposed to be one of the top tiered team's in the nation. With dook's loss in the ACC tourney, they lose the opportunity to play in the East Region and stay here in the Triangle, playing at the RBC Center in Raleigh. They are penalized and placed in the West bracket as a #2 seed (I think was too high, as last year's seed was, heck last year I though they did not deserve an invite to the field of 65..another blog) - but yet they got to play in Washington, D.C.

A short jaunt to Washington, D.C., dook should be ready to take on #15 seed, Belmont, this was very much NOT the case. Belmont stuck with dook the entire game, and it took dook's @#$% luck in the dwindling seconds to win the game. I felt for those kids from Belmont, they played their hearts and souls out, really have NOTHING to be ashamed of. Enter the round 2 match-up of the West Virginia Mountaineers, coached by Bobby Huggins, a seasoned coach in his first year at WVU (not my favorite coach mind you), but Huggins had his team mentally and physically ready to take on dook. Again, another close match-up, WVU stuck around, dook lived and died by the three, as they did all season long. Well WVU prevailed, as dook missed many opportunities beyond the arc.

After the game, I heard a bit of rat king's press conference, he was speaking about DeMarcus Nelson, said that since he was the lone senior on the squad, he was the reason that the team had chalked up 28 wins, and Nelson was just tired or some other BS. Seriously?? REALLY? What about Paulus, Scheyer, Singler, Henderson, or Zoubek, is there NO CREDIT to be given to these players? Come on rat, have more class than this! You are a coach of a team, not a singular player.

Okay, now that dook has missed out on the SWEET 16 AGAIN, and had an early exit from the tourney AGAIN, are the dook alumni base going to start getting restless? Are the boosters going to start calling the AD and make demands? Or are you going to sit on your laurels and say hmm everything is great in dookieland? Cause it really is not. Seriously, any other school in the ACC, this type of crap would be unacceptable...rat would be finding a new lair for his cheese horde. Look at other school's in the ACC...is rat just done? Does he need to step aside and join the hairclub for men and stop dying his hair pitch black, and relax and retire with a daquiri in his hand? Makes you wonder is his heart still in it....
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