Posted on: March 19, 2008 1:35 pm

My pencil tip is broke

After completing five or six bracket challenges today, my pencil tip should be dull and broken. But since they are all done on the computer, in actuality, my fingertips and mousing hand is feeling a little numb.

I tweaked the brackets within them, but they all had the same outcome, the same National Champion. It did not matter how they were laid out with opponents, they ALL had the same outcome.

How did your brackets come out, once you sat down and completed them?
Posted on: March 16, 2008 11:16 am

Basically, I am Overwhelmed by Brackets

I am sitting here, waiting for the final moments of the season to unfold, before the madness ensues this evening with the announcement of the brackets. Who's bubble will be burst, who will be let in. My confusion is among the total amount of bracket challenges that I am in, as I have lost count. Here's my question, in the past, I have done maybe one or two, and tweaked them, maybe having UNC being the winner in one, just out of fanhood, sometimes I have had UNC the winner in both, because as a basketballologist, that is what I feel. I am in SOOO many this year, I don't know how to tweak them! I may even do just one based on complete and sheer upsets...like VCU over dook last year. That should be fun.

So, when filling your brackets out, what is your method to approaching March Madness. Do you choose the underdog, and hope that Cinderella finds that glass slipper and carries you? Do you stick with the seedings? Which seeding match ups do you think are more volatile, and are more at risk for an upset?

dook wants to know...do tell! I know you want to visit the bedside drawer again, but we must curb that for now, IT'S TIME FOR MARCH MADNESS MY FRIENDS!
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