Posted on: June 12, 2008 2:53 pm

Gender bias here on the community?

Really, I do not complain.

But I am going to make a point. There is innuendo running round these boards and it's fine really. Pictures of gals, barely dressed...I am fine with it. It's okay to make reference to breast and butt implants, obviously as a joke...this is not seen as crossing the line. But when I put an avatar up last night, as a joke in reference to my infamous buzz, it was deemed as inappropriate. I appealed the warning, but it has been denied, and that I am fine with as well.

I understand, I am a female on a sports message board. I come here on a regular basis, and see avatars of women that are in bikini's or positions that you men like...do us women complain no...merely because we are in a man's world. But seriously, where is the line drawn, I can joke with the best of you and have a good time, many times I have been the brunt of the joke, many of my attributes, we won't mention them...i can take it and dish it out. I have a blast with my peeps on the college basketball board.  I am trying to state a fact that the avatar I had up last night was a text avatar, you really could not read it unless you purposely enlarged it. It was put up in a joking fashion...so this is inappropriate?

It is rather frustrating to come on here as a sports fan day in and day out and put up with sexism, but after all that is the world of sports. I have been a sports fan for so long, you become oblivious to it after a while. I do not understand how certain things are judged inappropriate, while other things that have been on these boards for so very long are not...someone said earlier this is a cookie cutter approach, and that is absolutely correct. Things have gotten out of hand, and needed to be addressed. But these things have needed to be addressed for well over a year, it seems as though the approach is rather rash...
Posted on: June 12, 2008 8:27 am

OK, I got a warning

Last night, I put up an avatar, as a joke on the whole bedside drawer topic. I did not know the policy on avatar's had changed, since I have been working so much recently...I was putting it up for just a few minutes, and was going to immediately take it down, and put up the one of my son and I that is currently up - no harm no foul right? Well then I realized I could not change the avatar until it was reviewed, thus my warning for an inappropriate avatar.

I have been on this site as a poster for over a year and lived primarily in the top 1k, and am not upset by this new policy at all. But what would have happened if I seriously had clicked on the wrong picture, and had intended to put this avatar of myself and my son up instead. I want to give kudos to CBS and the admins for taking a step for eliminating some of the questionable avatars that have been out there often times lingering for periods of overnight or weekends, these avatars were often pornographic in nature and has caused many people to leave the site. Often times I would have my son sitting nearby, when a troll would be on the site following me, unsuspecting I would refresh and see some things on an avatar that were absolutely unacceptable as well as the word choices that were used.

So with that being said, I have appealed my warning out of principle, I know it will be denied, that is fine. But I challenge the admins and programmers of cbs to install a word filter, to remove the filth that does linger here that you guys can not simply catch. This is a great site, I have ventured to others to see what they had to offer, and honestly did not care for them, it is here I want to remain. Help make this site safe fore your members of all ages, including the teenagers that run rampant on this board or the kid that walks innocently to see what Mom or Dad is working on their computer.

And by the way, my avatar, well it was merely humorous, not a inappropriate picture, just words, like a bumper sticker. It was a joke on the infamous Buzzzz that everyone likes to joke about with me. I know this is a sports site and I am a female and a minority posting here. I have gotten used to the "eye candy" that lives here...but honestly I do not know how that was offensive...when an image of a woman leaning over and her bottom exposed or cleavage exposed could be offensive to many, it's all in how you look at things...some of the "eye candy" images on here are done in poor taste where as some have class. But who am I to judge, I am not an admin, I did not make up the rules.

As I said, I will take my warning, and continue to post. Some of you may disagree with my blog, I am merely stating my opinion.
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