Posted on: September 5, 2011 11:19 pm
Edited on: September 5, 2011 11:21 pm

Maryland Pride My Arse!

Dear Under Armour,
What have you done?

This isn't pride for the state of Maryland. I am from Maryland. These uniforms are hideous. I have never witnessed message boards and social networking blow up in the degree they did tonight. Being from Maryland, I appreciate the incorporation of the state flag, however, it is too large, too gaudy. The shoes are horrific. As a sports fan, this is awful; as a Marylander, this is disgraceful. These uniforms look as if they belong in a Euro footie league, I halfway expected to hear buzzing and chanting in the stadium.
Maryland has always struggled with an identity issue with their uniforms. I have never understood why the athletic department could not choose something and stick with it for a duration of time. I wonder, is it because they feel they cannot compete merchandise wise with other school's in the ACC that turn a huge profit (Duke, UNC, Florida State, etc) -- so they keep changing uniforms to keep merchandise sales up?
Honestly, they look like oversized Jockey's that have wandered from Pimlico and found their way onto a football field. There are other ways of showing pride for your team and state, and the university you went to and played a sport for.
Fear the Turtle? I think not, I think the opposing team might fear the big yellow, red, black blobs moving toward them, laughing all the way to the end zone.
Oh and by the way, your little video clip annoyed me, at the tail end it says "this ain't no uniform", while you are representing the athletic department of a university it is still a university...where students do learn. http://bddy.me/p1V9h4

Posted on: March 2, 2008 10:45 pm

March Maddness Hits the ACC

After this weekend in the ACC, March Madness has clearly hit the ACC.

Saturday, dook was taking on NC State at the RBC Center in Raleigh. dook trailed NC State for the duration of most of the game, State had a convincing lead, so they thought, but dook chipped away at the lead and ultimately won the game with DeMarcus Nelson hitting free throws.

Also Saturday, Carolina traveled to Boston College. Tyrese Rice shot lights out with over 30 points in the first half for the Eagles. Carolina also overcame a huge deficit in the second half to ultimately defeat BC by ten with a final score of 90-80.

And this evening, Clemson traveled to College Park to take on Maryland. The Terps had a convincing double digit lead as well. Clemson came back in the last 11 minutes of the game and outscored the Terps 34-11, winning the game on a clutch 3 pointer and forcing some key turnovers at the end of the game.

Looks like it was not a good weekend to be the home school? dook and Carolina winning really does not affect the ACC too much, keeps them both tied for first in the league, but how does Maryland losing to Clemson affect the middle tier of the league? Well this win for Clemson sets them apart from everyone else, putting them at 9-5, Virginia Tech 8-6 and Maryland 8-7.

Definitely March Madness has begun in the ACC...
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