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Posted on: May 12, 2008 12:57 pm

Why is everyone feeling the need to correct me?

IT'S dook for a reason!!!!!!!!

Carolina fans love to hate dook, hence the reason we misspell it...we know there is another way to spell the blasted word, but choose not to...it's a lower case d and ook, nothing else is acceptable for a true Carolina fan.

It's just like my dear rival manny spells Carolina something else like Carowhina or UNCPR...It's all in fun people. Do I go and correct these people that can not spell...no, it's part of the rivalry...




and to all you newbies out there, read this before attacking me about my name...I am frankly tired of newbies thinking they know their crap and not knowing who I am..dook fans and I are friends, we just agree to disagree on things...if you have a valid point on something make it, don't get hung up on my blasted screen name....

moving on...over and out...time for dookisevil to have her shout!
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