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Posted on: May 11, 2008 11:25 am

From one Mom to another...

Happy Mom's Day!!

Happy Mom's Day to you Geze, Mom, Lauren's Mama, Razor, Wabbit, and all the other Mom's out here on the board. I am certain I have missed some...forgive me as I am busy watching my 5 year old Small Fry unmake my freshly made bed.

I was hoping to be off today, since the only Mom's Day I actually have ever had off was when I was on maternity leave...but such as life, I must get my arse to the studio, there are family's that want to be photographed today...oh well...

Remember you do not have to be perfect to be Mom, just be their Mom (thanks Corrie...I still love that)...on that note, this Mom in a t-shirt must get in gear and get going...and to my little man, who is the light of my world, I LOVE YOU...and I am so lucky for being your MOM...and to my Mom, whom I love to aggravate and be frankly honest with...MOM I LOVE YOU...Happy Mom's Day to you MA (that will get her going...really pi$$es her off when I talk like I am from Philly...not that she will read this blog!)

and my day has truly been made, as Small Fry pauses for a mere second looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes and says....


now back to the jumping and whatever 5 year old boys do...or back to regular scheduled programming!

Have a FANTASTIC day!
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