Tag:Eyecandy for the ladies too...we deserve it as well
Posted on: February 19, 2008 11:14 pm

This is for the Ladies viewing pleasure...

Sigh, we are a minority here, we know this, and we are fine. But MomLuvsFootball is right, the world is unjust and unfair, I want a buff swimsuit edition for the ladies to get in February!

Let us get so excited about something to come in the mail. For sure the men's underwear section in the JCPenney Catalog, gets us going, NOT. You men have the Vicki's Secret catalog and SI's swimsuit edition...\

So, I hereby announce that I am taking submissions for my publication of dook's hot sports dudes, publication date has not been set.

So show us your sweaty six packs, and curl those bi-ceps.

We are waiting....




And Mom, I have changed my avatar just for you....and me, and gezemice and all the other ladies of CBS Sportsline...for your viewing pleasure...
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