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Posted on: January 18, 2008 9:45 pm

How I became a Philadelphia Eagles fan...

I grew up in a suburb of Baltimore. My parents took me to countless Baltimore Orioles games, but I never (even to this day) have attended an NFL game. But, since I was from the Baltimore area, you pulled for the local teams...the Orioles, the Skipjacks, the Blast and the Colts - now I never pulled for the Terps - but that's a different story for a different day.

We were proud of the Colts, the heritage that our team had, and we despised the Redskins. That is, until a snowy day in late March of 1984, when I was at home due to a school being closed for weather. I actually remember the day quite vividly, it was the lead story all day long on my 13" black and white tv, the image of the mayflower trucks leaving town in the middle of the night.

I remember thinking - that jerk Irsay...what a sneak! I also remember my Dad at one point in time telling me that the mayflower trucks from a distance looked like someone flipping you the bird, so everytime I saw that footage, it felt as though Irsay was flipping us off. So at this point, I had to find a new team to pull for, and it certainly could not be those stinky Redskins...so, I went for the next closest team, which happened to be the Philadelphia Eagles.

To be fair, I was extremely excited when Baltimore got the Ravens, and I do pull for them, as I do pull for the Panthers (by default, living in North Carolina). But, I will never be converted, nor will I switch (just like I would NEVER switch from being an O's fan to any other major league fan). Sorry, it just is not happening, for dook, once a fan of a team, that is who she sticks with, through the good and bad times!

Go Eagles! Gotta love that beautiful Eagle green! (I know I know, my season is over)...who you ask am I pulling for this weekend? The Packers, they are my choice to win it all, have to stick with your conference, that is unless it's dook...anyone but dook!
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