Posted on: August 13, 2008 10:05 pm

How did I actually become an Eagles fan...

I get this question rather often, You are from Baltimore, how on earth did you become an Eagles fan?

Yes, I am from Baltimore, born in the great city, raised in the suburbs. Ever since I can remember, I have been a fan of sports. Growing up in a major city such as Baltimore, we had the Orioles, the Colts, the Blast (indoor soccer) and the Skip Jacks (minor league hockey). My Dad taught me, that when you pull for a team, you do so for life -- no matter how poorly they perform. It's pretty simple, you stick with your team through the good and the bad. He also taught me to despise the Washington Redskins, they were probably the first team I loved to hate.

My changing from a Colts fan all goes back to a day where schools happened to be closed due to snow. We all had heard the talk that Owner Robert Irsay was saying, new stadium, stadium upgrades or he will pull the team. Mind you I was only in middle school at the time, but this is something I do remember...as I do rather vividly of the Colts leaving Baltimore for Indianapolis. On the evening of March 28, 1984, Mayflower trucks were moved in place at the team's training complex. Irsay snuck the beloved Colts out of Charm City at 3:00 am, in the middle of a snow storm. Now, my Dad has also told me that if you are behind a Mayflower truck on the interstate, it resembles a hand flipping you the bird. The next morning we awoke to the devastating news that the Colts had left in the middle of the night. And some 24 1/2 years later, I still see the footage that aired on my b/w 13" tv in my bedroom, over and over again...those Mayflower trucks leaving the complex...it was like Irsay was flipping off the city of Baltimore and the team's devoted fans.

I suddenly had the realization, that I could no longer pull for the Colts, as I could not pull for a team after the deceit they had pulled leaving town...they now became another team I loved to hate. I also realized that I needed a new NFL team. My decision was based on two things, definitely NOT the Redskins, and what was the next closest team geographically. That team would be my beloved Philadelphia Eagles. I pulled and still do pull for my Eagles, no matter if they are playing fantastic or hoovering rather badly. The Eagles will always be my favorite team. I wear my green jersey and my throw back jersey with pride here in the heart of North Carolina...in Panthers country.

People have also asked, why aren't you a Ravens or Panthers fan? You never changed your team. That would be correct, I was living in North Carolina when the NFL was looking to expand to Charlotte or Baltimore. I recall people saying why should Baltimore get a team, they already lost one...and other random things that were completely absurd. Then Charlotte was chosen over Baltimore, and I was devastated, causing me to dislike the Panthers, whom I lovingly refer to as the black kitty cats. As for me not being a Ravens fan, actually I am, how can you not pull for your team from your home town? But, I never converted, I was not living in Baltimore when the Ravens came, but I do pull for them, and like to see them succeed.

I am a die hard fan for all of my teams. I am a life long fan, and when I leave this earth, I will be an Eagles Fan. I have had people try to convert me to their team's, it simply does not work. I have a tremendous amount of pride and adoration for my teams. I wear my gear with pride, even when they are on a downward spiral that seems to never end, after all, they are my team, and I am their fan. This is for me what makes being a sports fan such a fantastic thing, I do not bandwagon, but I love to talk smack with you. And when my team is hoovering, I mouth off at the tv, throw things and criticize...but at the end of the day and game, I am still a fan.
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