Tag:Community here at CBS what improvements would you make
Posted on: June 14, 2008 8:50 am

The Community is great, still lacking in areas

I love posting here, have been a member for a while, enjoy the people here, enjoy the banter I get as well. With that being said, I received a warning a few days ago because of an avatar I put up that was deemed inappropriate. I am taking my warning with a grain of salt and moving on, but I posted a blog about it and by doing so, a few people posted some issues that they felt the Community was lacking in. I said in another blog, there have been some great improvements over recent months, but still, the Community still needs to improve.

Speak up, let the powers that be know what could be improved upon, what us members would like to see happen to make this a better place. In my opinion, frankly you will get it if you want it or not, this is the best sports site out there, it is easy to post, the fantasy sports is easy and fun...could be tweaked a little in the free leagues...more options, the people here are awesome, and we have a darn good time.

With that being said, I still feel that a word censor needs to be implemented to eliminate those pesky cursewords. And if a poster gets a certain number of warnings in a period of time, their account is suspended, posts are removed until an admin can review their activity...this only protects the integrity of the site and other members as well.
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