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Posted on: February 21, 2008 5:42 pm

Basketball and the state of Tennessee

Okay basketball fans, huge match-up this weekend #2 Tennessee Volunteers traveling to in state rival #1 Memphis Tigers. I put in that previous statement rival, because if they aren't rivals now, they will be after a #1 & #2 match-up, as UT has always been the big dog (Smokey forgive the pun) in the state of Tennessee. Memphis, however has been steadily climbing the ladder to college basketball in recent years. The Tigers are 26-0 and the Volunteers are 24-2 with their only losses coming against Kentucky by 6 in January, and went into Texas in late November and was convincingly beaten.

Now with that being said, let us now talk about conference strength, Memphis plays in the CUSA, which is not nearly as strong as the SEC in which Tennessee plays. Both team's have rather good coaches. In no way, am I trying to knock the CUSA, you merely need to look at all the rating parameters to confirm this.

Now, when UNC was #1 and got knocked off by Maryland in January, a thread was posted on the CBB board which proclaimed that the state of Tennessee was the new mecca for college basketball.  This thread got everyone in an uproar, because in order to be a mecca, don't you think there would have to be one perhaps maybe two recently won National Championships in the state (not belittling the Lady Vols, we are talking Men's Hoops), and last time I checked, um there are none. Come and talk to me in a few years time as to where the "new mecca of Basketball" is.

I personally think it is great that the top 20 has shifted and there are new team's in the rankings, that is what makes this sport so much fun to watch and follow.
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