Tag:Coach Kay Yow Mural defaced
Posted on: February 2, 2009 12:45 pm

Kay Yow Wall Mural defaced

On the campus of NC State, there is a free expression tunnel, where you can paint pretty much whatever you like. Someone painted a mural to honor the late Kay Yow, a tribute. It was defaced sometime Saturday with light blue paint and the statement "cancer rules". I figured this would probably happen, and it has, the student body president for State was interviewed on the Noon news, and said that he suspected it was someone from Carolina, being that it was light blue paint and that Carolina played State in Raleigh on Saturday. That claim goes well beyond the rivalry, anyone who would deface such a tribute to the late Coach is a senseless piece of crap. The basketball community all over the nation is mourning her passing, not just members of the NC State community. Not only was Carolina's Coach Sylvia Hatchell very good friends with Coach Yow, she's also a survivor of Breast Cancer herself.

It troubles me that someone would deface her mural, it troubles me that this accusation has been made. You would think that there is more class in this rivalry between these two teams, and the fans. And whomever stooped so low to do such a thing, you are just not right.

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