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Posted on: January 22, 2008 6:12 pm

In all seriousness...

I am going to climb on my soapbox for just a minute, or two or three, however long it takes me to write this, and however long it takes you to read this.

I frankly am tired of the humor and jokes that gets thrown in after an athlete is accused of hurting another human being. Last week, Randy Moss of the Patriots, who does not have the best track record mind you was accused of battery charges against another woman. I know people try to make light of these situations when they arise, but it does not do us victims of violence any justice what so ever, when:  

  1. jokes are made about violent acts to another person,
  2. someone makes false allegations for financial gain
  3. the media makes a circus out of the charges, let the trial run it's course - just look what happened to the three guys in the Duke lacrosse trial, we are still talking and hearing about it, even after those allegations were deemed false
And yes, I did say "US" victims of violence, being a victim of domestic violence myself adds a different perspective to everything, everything. Remember in this great country you and I both live in, people are innocent until proven guilty, this protects those that are wrongfully charged, but also allows the justice system to run it's course, to make sure that justice is served.
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