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Posted on: February 2, 2009 4:20 pm

have you ever listened to the radio broadcast?

I was driving back from Fayetteville on Saturday, tuned in my local station to hear NC State playing Carolina. It was the Wolfpack's broadcast team. I was unable to tune in the station I knew was UNC's, and knew I'd be able to pick it up shortly, so I opted to listen in instead of searching.

The game was a good game, State was trying to come back, and the analysis was decent, that is until the Heels pretty much had the game in had and the closing seconds of the game were dwindling. Coach Williams had pulled a few of the starters and put in a few guys from the bench. Basically what happened after this is a matter of perspective. Carolina had the ball and tossed it into a player that does not get much playing time, who really wanted to score. And if you didn't get much playing time, wouldn't you? He got tossed to the ground rather hard by the State player. It was called an intentional foul. Coach Williams sent his player off the court, to keep the situation from escalating further, walked over and talked to Coach Lowe. Neither coach wanted to make a big deal out of it, Carolina put another player in, shot the free throws, got the ball and held it, the buzzer went off, the coaches shook hands and then the players.

This is a summary of State's broadcast of what transpired, Whoa, he shouldn't have gone for that shot. I think it is a technical. Now why is Roy Williams over at the scorer's table? He's over there talking to Sydney Lowe. He's probably saying that his players are just going to exit the court without shaking hands...

at this point, I switched stations to see if I could get a better analysis of what transpired, to hear Woody Durham say (again a summary), that seems to be a flagrant foul, it seems the player was ejected. Coach Williams is talking to Coach Lowe at the scorer's table, I think they just want to finish this game and not make a big deal out of what just happened...

I was rather surprised to hear State's broadcast team make such a huge assumption, because that is unsportsmanship at such a high level. Very rarely do you see team's not shake hands after the game, unless there was a bench clearing brawl. After the game in the post game conferences, Coach Williams apologized for the attempt to score, it was unnecessary, said he went over and apologized to Coach Lowe in the game, and told him they were going to hold the ball and let the clock run out for the remainder of the time. The player who went for the shot, also apologized as did the player who had the hard foul. All in all, the coaches nipped this in the bud and handled it well...but if you were listening to one radio broadcast not the other, would you know what really transpired?

**Note I am not mentioning any names, because that's not what I am trying to discuss here**

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