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Posted on: January 17, 2008 9:04 am

Best CBB Conference ACC vs Big East?

I am an ACC gal, always have been always will be. I grew up in the 'burbs of Baltimore, Maryland as one of the sole North Carolina fans. In high school, this 5'3" (well I was 5'4") chick played basketball, was actually the  point guard...but always seemingly got into foul trouble for retaliatory fouls. Coach would always point out someone...and enlist me to  get 'em, and then yell at me for getting caught. Well I seemed to have digressed here a bit, I was buddies with all the guys on the basketball team as well, so my buddies were mostly Maryland, some Virginia, some West Virginia and of course some Georgetown fans. Now that I think about it, surprisingly, no dook fans, interesting.

We would all sport our team gear, which consisted of sweat suits, lots of hoodie sweatshirts, and of course a satin jacket. The razzing commenced at the beginning of the season and continued all the way through the end. We would sport those satin jackets all day long too (any child of the 80's knows exactly to what I am referring to). It was a must to wear your gear the day of or before a game as well of as after if they won in celebratory fashion.  The razzing and taunting mostly went on between myself and the Maryland fans as well as one Georgetown fan. Those were the days...

A lot of people will argue, which of these two conferences is better, ACC or Big East. Honestly, they are the best two, have both staked their claim on this many years ago. However, it does fluctuate from year to year which conference is better. Both conferences are fantastic and have excellent programs that facilitate exciting basketball. Growing up in the area in which I did, you or I do at least appreciate great basketball, and must say other conferences do not have anything on the ACC or the Big East. I lived in Huntsville, AL for four years, and was stuck watching SEC basketball coverage...yawn, I was excited to pick up an East Coast game whenever I could. Sorry, West Coast, y'all ain't got anything on these two conferences.

Who does dook think is the best conference? The ACC of course!!!! Silly question...
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