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Posted on: November 30, 2008 9:00 am

BCS Championship...is broken

Once again, it's the same story, different year, great team's that should be in contention for the National Championship are out of the running, simply because they have one or two losses, some even three. I have said this on countless occasions on this site, and will say it again, the BCS is a ridiculous system, that crucifies each team that loses. There is no chance to rebound, no chance to show that your team had a close game and just simply lost. Every other major collegiate sport under the NCAA has a tournament to crown it's champion. It is not decided by computer rankings or calculations.

Every year, someone that should be considered for the National Championship is left in the dark. Reasons are, they lost a game or their strength of schedule is not as good as another team's are, or the computer did not pick them. This controversy has been going on for years, and frankly I am tired of hearing about it. It is a matter of greed among the NCAA and the universities and it needs to stop. For the greater good of college athletics, the system desperately needs to be revamped, the solution is simple, but people are scared to change a system that doesn't work.

Currently in Division I Football, by the BCS Championship Bowl Game.

In the next tier, Football Championship Subdivision (formerly known as Division I-AA), a playoff system of 16 teams is in place. The sunday after the final game is played, the field of 16 is released, playoffs begin later that week, eight games. The following week four games, the following week, the semi-finals, then the following week, the finals. This playoff system has been in place for quite some time and is proven to work. Also, the top four team's are ranked and there is home field advantage involved. The champion from the subdivision, is called the FCS Division I Champ...although old schoolers like me still find themselves referring to it as D-IAA.

Basically, what I am saying is the BCS system has failed miserably, and has bored the fans of college football. It is time for a major change in a positive direction. That direction should be a playoff field, it could be 16 teams or another number. I think it should be based on the AP poll, decided ultimately by committee as the field of 64/65 is for the Men's Tournament is for March Madness. Yes, ultimately someone is going to be upset they are not included. Also, since there is a tremendous amount of money involved in bowl games, so many programs and conferences have team's that are bowl eligible, there would need to be sufficient playoff spots to appease the coaches and athletic directors. The monetary sponsorships that would normally go with bowl games could go to each tournament location. The logistics of this would still need to be determined, would it be a home field advantage as done in the FCS or would it be another locale?

Ask yourself these question, how many bowl games did you watch last year? How many games really excited you? How many games did you turn off during the game because it was truly boring? I found myself flipping to find something on, the bowl games just bored me, they lacked excitement. And I love football, I love college football. This does not do these players who have worked so hard to get to the post-season justice. Imagine the excitement this would create for college football, and how a true national champion would be crowned in Division I through this manner (by the way, fans of the FCS...including myself, do not beleive the BCS crowns a true National Champion, that title is extended to the Champ of the FCS Division). And as for excitement to watch a tournament and watch your team survive and advance from week to week, and ultimately win the National Title is a phenominal thing.
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