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Posted on: January 16, 2008 9:36 am
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BCS vs Playoff

Once again, we just finished a season that started off with an amazing victory by an underdog surprising the entire college football nation. If we all need to be reminded, Appalachian State defeated Michigan Labor Day weekend in the Big House 34-32. App State's win over the Wolverwine's opened up one of the craziest seasons I can recall in recent years in Division I. My problem is how the BCS is set up, there were several team's that should have had a chance to go for the National Championship and were unable to, because the system is set up wrong. Several of the bowl games were simply boring.

The NCAA has a playoff system set in place for every other level of college athletics, why is Division I College Football different? The difference my friends is greed, plain and simple, in order to be bowl eligible, you have to win six games, which, I think is absolutely ridiculous. Oh shew, we have won our six games, we will get our bowl invitation. What ever happened to the hard work ethic for each game, giving it your all each time you lace up your cleats and put your pads on? The NCAA could put in place a playoff system in Division I, it would work, and they could still utilize the bowl sponsorships but in a different manner. Each round could be at the same locations of the bowl sites, and be sponsored by the same sponsor, for instance the Chick-fil-A round in Atlanta, GA. This would work, and they would still get the money.

In recent year's team's have not been put in the championship game because they were not a championship caliber team. Who's place is it honestly to make this decision? Why are they robbing us of a potentially exciting and new championship run? This year team's were left out of the BCS Championship that were late number ones Missouri and West Virginia, but then had to play in their Conference Championships. Both of these team's lost in their Conference Championship's and the door to a BCS Championship was abruptly slammed on them. In a playoff system at least these team's would have been given an opportunity to demonstrate that they were championship caliber team's, and their own destiny was in their hands.

Bottom line the system is broken, it needs to be fixed. Look at the FCS (formerly Division I-AA) their 16 team playoff system works, has for years, find something that works and implement it. I guarantee fans will be a lot happier.
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