Tag:3 Tar Heels still undecided
Posted on: April 21, 2008 1:43 pm

Okay, I am being selfish...but am begging...


dook does not beg often, frankly quite used to getting what I want...but, you three simply are not finished as Tar Heels, and you need to stick around and finish your college careers!

See what my blog caption says....listen to dook, when she speaks, she's always right. I am not going to get into my reasons for such selfishness, but honestly, these guys should wait, the draft pool is saturated, and if they stick around and hone in on developing more as players for another year, just imagine the prospects they will all have.

After your ankle injury Ty, frankly, you need to nurture that in the arms of the Tar Heel medical team. Get another year on that ankle, then you will be ready.

Tyler...Psycho T, what can I say, your presence which dominates in the paint is required for as long as you are eligible to play college ball...plus, I think you are one of those kids who value education and will ultimately finish up your degree (PLEASE SAY I AM RIGHT!!!)

Wayne, you really stepped up this year, had the spotlight on you, stick around with your team mates and help our Tar Heels bring it home!!!!!!!!!
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