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Maryland Pride My Arse!

Dear Under Armour,
What have you done?

This isn't pride for the state of Maryland. I am from Maryland. These uniforms are hideous. I have never witnessed message boards and social networking blow up in the degree they did tonight. Being from Maryland, I appreciate the incorporation of the state flag, however, it is too large, too gaudy. The shoes are horrific. As a sports fan, this is awful; as a Marylander, this is disgraceful. These uniforms look as if they belong in a Euro footie league, I halfway expected to hear buzzing and chanting in the stadium.
Maryland has always struggled with an identity issue with their uniforms. I have never understood why the athletic department could not choose something and stick with it for a duration of time. I wonder, is it because they feel they cannot compete merchandise wise with other school's in the ACC that turn a huge profit (Duke, UNC, Florida State, etc) -- so they keep changing uniforms to keep merchandise sales up?
Honestly, they look like oversized Jockey's that have wandered from Pimlico and found their way onto a football field. There are other ways of showing pride for your team and state, and the university you went to and played a sport for.
Fear the Turtle? I think not, I think the opposing team might fear the big yellow, red, black blobs moving toward them, laughing all the way to the end zone.
Oh and by the way, your little video clip annoyed me, at the tail end it says "this ain't no uniform", while you are representing the athletic department of a university it is still a university...where students do learn.

Posted on: February 2, 2009 4:20 pm

have you ever listened to the radio broadcast?

I was driving back from Fayetteville on Saturday, tuned in my local station to hear NC State playing Carolina. It was the Wolfpack's broadcast team. I was unable to tune in the station I knew was UNC's, and knew I'd be able to pick it up shortly, so I opted to listen in instead of searching.

The game was a good game, State was trying to come back, and the analysis was decent, that is until the Heels pretty much had the game in had and the closing seconds of the game were dwindling. Coach Williams had pulled a few of the starters and put in a few guys from the bench. Basically what happened after this is a matter of perspective. Carolina had the ball and tossed it into a player that does not get much playing time, who really wanted to score. And if you didn't get much playing time, wouldn't you? He got tossed to the ground rather hard by the State player. It was called an intentional foul. Coach Williams sent his player off the court, to keep the situation from escalating further, walked over and talked to Coach Lowe. Neither coach wanted to make a big deal out of it, Carolina put another player in, shot the free throws, got the ball and held it, the buzzer went off, the coaches shook hands and then the players.

This is a summary of State's broadcast of what transpired, Whoa, he shouldn't have gone for that shot. I think it is a technical. Now why is Roy Williams over at the scorer's table? He's over there talking to Sydney Lowe. He's probably saying that his players are just going to exit the court without shaking hands...

at this point, I switched stations to see if I could get a better analysis of what transpired, to hear Woody Durham say (again a summary), that seems to be a flagrant foul, it seems the player was ejected. Coach Williams is talking to Coach Lowe at the scorer's table, I think they just want to finish this game and not make a big deal out of what just happened...

I was rather surprised to hear State's broadcast team make such a huge assumption, because that is unsportsmanship at such a high level. Very rarely do you see team's not shake hands after the game, unless there was a bench clearing brawl. After the game in the post game conferences, Coach Williams apologized for the attempt to score, it was unnecessary, said he went over and apologized to Coach Lowe in the game, and told him they were going to hold the ball and let the clock run out for the remainder of the time. The player who went for the shot, also apologized as did the player who had the hard foul. All in all, the coaches nipped this in the bud and handled it well...but if you were listening to one radio broadcast not the other, would you know what really transpired?

**Note I am not mentioning any names, because that's not what I am trying to discuss here**

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Kay Yow Wall Mural defaced

On the campus of NC State, there is a free expression tunnel, where you can paint pretty much whatever you like. Someone painted a mural to honor the late Kay Yow, a tribute. It was defaced sometime Saturday with light blue paint and the statement "cancer rules". I figured this would probably happen, and it has, the student body president for State was interviewed on the Noon news, and said that he suspected it was someone from Carolina, being that it was light blue paint and that Carolina played State in Raleigh on Saturday. That claim goes well beyond the rivalry, anyone who would deface such a tribute to the late Coach is a senseless piece of crap. The basketball community all over the nation is mourning her passing, not just members of the NC State community. Not only was Carolina's Coach Sylvia Hatchell very good friends with Coach Yow, she's also a survivor of Breast Cancer herself.

It troubles me that someone would deface her mural, it troubles me that this accusation has been made. You would think that there is more class in this rivalry between these two teams, and the fans. And whomever stooped so low to do such a thing, you are just not right.

Posted on: January 24, 2009 9:56 pm
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Coach Kay Yow You will be Missed

This morning, as I was driving into the studio, I received a phone call. The person on the other end asked me if I had heard that Coach Yow had passed away this morning. I was not shocked, but saddened by this news.  Although I was never fortunate enough to meet this fantastic person, it saddened me deeply.  Coach Yow had been with the Wolfpack for as long as I could remember, in fact for the large part of my life she helped change Women's College Basketball. She was an icon for the sport, for women and children alike.

After she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987, the majority of her fight against the disease was public. She shared her ordeal so others receiving the same or worse diagnosis(s) would have the courage to fight. Just when you thought she'd overcome her battle with breast cancer, it'd try to knock her down, even until the disease ultimately took her life this morning, it never, ever knocked her down. She always had fight. She always had a positive spin and attitude to place on any given situation.

As a coach, she had achieved so much on the court, an Olympic Gold Medal, ACC Championships, Final Four appearances.

As a person, she's made a permanent impact in many people's lives to give them the courage in their darkest hours, to continue their fight.

Thank you Coach Yow for everything you did. Thank you for being you. Thank you for having a voice. Thank you for never giving up.

You were truely an inspiration.

May you rest in peace.

Posted on: January 12, 2009 11:47 am

My Prediction...A Bird Bowl

I said this prior to the playoffs beginning, and will say it again, the Superbowl will be the Ravens vs the Eagles. Hence a Bird Bowl. Everyone doubted me that my Eagles would make it past the Wildcard game, and most doubted that the Ravens would make it past the Dolphins either. Who would have thought that the Cardinals, Steelers, Eagles and Ravens would be the four playing for their respective Divisional Titles?

But I stood firm on my ground, knowing that Donovan McNabb and company were solid and would perform. After Coach Andy Reid benched Donovan a few weeks ago, he's had something to prove, he's come back on the field with a fury. Brian Westbrook is who everyone is gunning for, because he's like superman out there, he is at most times unstoppable. The Vikings could not stop him last week and while the Giants tried, he eventually found his way to get some yards yesterday. While the focus for the opposing defense has been on stopping Westbrook, it has certainly given more opportunity to rookie DeSean Jackson, Correll Buckhalter and Kevin Curtis.

It is not all offense that has gotten Philadelphia this far in the playoffs, it is the solid defense that they play. They stuck it to the Giants yesterday, was able to stop the run, and had Eli Manning's number, thus showing yet again, he is not a premier QB. He is Peyton's little brother, trying to live up to a myth, who got lucky last year, and this year just couldn't live up to the hype. Brian Dawkins leads the Eagles defense, on and off the field, but there are others that need to be mentioned as well, they are a young defense but performing fantastically, Trent Cole, Sheldon Brown and Asante Samuel. This defense intercepted Manning 2 times. Held the Giants to a field goal on the first drive, when they had fantastic field position.

The unsung hero, in all this is, kicker, David Akers, who hit three field goals. His golden foot is basically the difference in the game. Since the final score was 23-11, the Giants did get a safety on McNabb when Justin Tuck stormed him in the endzone. Also, a factor in this game, Giants kicker John Carney missing two field goals, one wide right, one wide left. I am left to wonder after he missed the first one, was Coach Tom Coughlin wondering should they let him kick a field goal, with the delay in sending the kicking team (btw he actually made that one...)

Now onto other NFC game on Saturday, the Cardinals OWNED the Panthers in their house, Jake Delhomme and company looked like they were strung out on cat nip looking for their litter box or something.

And being from Baltimore, I must add, I am proud of my hometown team, the Ravens, all my friends, including myself I must say, are wacco for Flacco. Joe Flacco has led the offense for the Ravens while Ray Lewis who just is so subdued, he never gets emotional (just kidding) leads that defense. Baltimore winning their game, sets up a much heated rivalry match-up against the hated Steelers.

As for my prediction, you have the two top defenses in the AFC going against each other, but I just think the Ravens have the momentum, going with the Ravens. In the NFC, the Eagles will soar in this one, even with Anquan Boldin returning healthy for the Cardinals, Eagles defense is just too tough for the Cards...

Hence the reason I will have a heavy heart  in the Superbowl... My Eagles against my hometown Ravens, that is when my loyalty for the Ravens blood will be Eagles green that day...

And all y'all homers that said the Eagles hoovered a few weeks ago...where are you now? Oh your team is already on vacation, hope you are enjoying these exciting playoffs.
Posted on: November 30, 2008 9:00 am

BCS broken

Once again, it's the same story, different year, great team's that should be in contention for the National Championship are out of the running, simply because they have one or two losses, some even three. I have said this on countless occasions on this site, and will say it again, the BCS is a ridiculous system, that crucifies each team that loses. There is no chance to rebound, no chance to show that your team had a close game and just simply lost. Every other major collegiate sport under the NCAA has a tournament to crown it's champion. It is not decided by computer rankings or calculations.

Every year, someone that should be considered for the National Championship is left in the dark. Reasons are, they lost a game or their strength of schedule is not as good as another team's are, or the computer did not pick them. This controversy has been going on for years, and frankly I am tired of hearing about it. It is a matter of greed among the NCAA and the universities and it needs to stop. For the greater good of college athletics, the system desperately needs to be revamped, the solution is simple, but people are scared to change a system that doesn't work.

Currently in Division I Football, by the BCS Championship Bowl Game.

In the next tier, Football Championship Subdivision (formerly known as Division I-AA), a playoff system of 16 teams is in place. The sunday after the final game is played, the field of 16 is released, playoffs begin later that week, eight games. The following week four games, the following week, the semi-finals, then the following week, the finals. This playoff system has been in place for quite some time and is proven to work. Also, the top four team's are ranked and there is home field advantage involved. The champion from the subdivision, is called the FCS Division I Champ...although old schoolers like me still find themselves referring to it as D-IAA.

Basically, what I am saying is the BCS system has failed miserably, and has bored the fans of college football. It is time for a major change in a positive direction. That direction should be a playoff field, it could be 16 teams or another number. I think it should be based on the AP poll, decided ultimately by committee as the field of 64/65 is for the Men's Tournament is for March Madness. Yes, ultimately someone is going to be upset they are not included. Also, since there is a tremendous amount of money involved in bowl games, so many programs and conferences have team's that are bowl eligible, there would need to be sufficient playoff spots to appease the coaches and athletic directors. The monetary sponsorships that would normally go with bowl games could go to each tournament location. The logistics of this would still need to be determined, would it be a home field advantage as done in the FCS or would it be another locale?

Ask yourself these question, how many bowl games did you watch last year? How many games really excited you? How many games did you turn off during the game because it was truly boring? I found myself flipping to find something on, the bowl games just bored me, they lacked excitement. And I love football, I love college football. This does not do these players who have worked so hard to get to the post-season justice. Imagine the excitement this would create for college football, and how a true national champion would be crowned in Division I through this manner (by the way, fans of the FCS...including myself, do not beleive the BCS crowns a true National Champion, that title is extended to the Champ of the FCS Division). And as for excitement to watch a tournament and watch your team survive and advance from week to week, and ultimately win the National Title is a phenominal thing.
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Big East Preview

The Big East has always been one of the toughest conferences for college basketball, this year will be no different. There should be a bit of a shuffle as to who will win the conference compared to what happened last year. UCONN was chosen as the preseason number one, followed by Louisville, Pittsburgh and  Notre Dame wraps up the top four. Defending Big East Champion, Pitt, is in the top four, but will have to fight to contend this season.

Notre Dame’s Luke Harangody  (20.4 ppg, 10.6 rpg, 1.7 apg) was the Big East’s Player of the Year for last season, will be the player to watch this year. Top players to  watch in the league this year are, Hasheem Thabeet (10.5 ppg, 7.9 rpg, .4 apg), AJ Price (14.5 ppg, 3.5 rbg, 5.8 apg), Johnny Flynn (15.7 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 5.3 apg), Sam Young (18.1 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 1.2 apg) Terrence Williams (11.1 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 4.5 apg). Other key players to watch are Earl Clark, DeJaun Blair, Jerel McNeal and Jeff Adrien.

Connecticut finished the conference last year 13-5 and overall 24-9. They are the preseason pick for the top of the Big East. Junior C Hasheem Thabeet, senior G AJ Price and senior F Jeff Adrien will be the leaders on this team. The expulsion of Nate Miles has hit the team hard. Look for junior G Jerome Dyson, junior F Gavin Edwards and senior G Craig Austrie play supporting roles.

Louisville went 15-3 in the league and rounded the season out at 28-6. They were chosen as the #2 spot in preseason. The Cardinals are returning four starters, including stand out, senior F Terrence Williams. Louisville does have a depth issue this season, but could get a little help in the front court from freshman F George Goode. Also look for a decent contribution from Mississippi State transfer, Reginald Dell.

Pittsburgh finished the season 27-10 last year, but also won the Big East Championship. Sophomore F DeJaun Blair will be a key factor for the Panthers success this season. Rounding out the starting line-up, senior G Levance Fields, freshman G Jermaine Dixon, sophomore F Gilbert Brown and senior F Sam Young. Travon Woodall and Ashton Gibbs, both freshmen could also contribute to the Panthers defending their Big East Title.
Notre Dame went 14-4 in the conference and 25-8 overall. Last season’s Big East POY, F Luke Haragody to pave the way to the Fighting Irish to be in the mix for contenders for the league.

Villanova finished last season 22-13. They were voted to finish as fifth in the conference. Junior G Scottie Reynolds should be a standout for the Wildcats. Senior F Dante Cunningham was the only player on the team to start every game last season, the wildcats will be looking to him for leading on and off the court.

Marquette wrapped up last season 25-10. While returning 3 seniors, Marquette lacks front court depth. Senior G Jerel McNeal and senior G Dominic James are key factors for the team. The best contribution from the bench will most likely come from JUCO transfer, Joseph Fulce. Junior G David Cubillan is recovering from off season surgery, look for him to resume his role with the team once he’s recovered.

Georgetown finished last season 28-6. The Hoyas lack depth in the back court, which could be a large flaw for the squad. Their two reserve guards do not seem able to handle the PG duties. Junior F DaJuan Summers and freshman F Greg Moore are the players to watch out for this season. Transfer Henry Sims, could make a huge contribution as a big man for Georgetown.

Syracuse went 21-14 last season. They are picked to finish eighth in the Big East.  There does not seem to be a depth issue with this  squad. Sophomore G Jonny Flynn and junior G Andy Rautins are key players for Syracuse this season, once they fully recover from their injuries.

West Virginia was picked to finish ninth overall in the league. Coach Bob Huggins believes the Mountaineers will finish higher, as has been the trend in the past few seasons. The key player for this team is freshman F Devin Ebanks, look for him to make a huge contribution for West Virginia.

Providence was picked in the preseason poll to finish tenth in the Big East. The Friars return all five starters this season. Senior G Jeff Xavier led the team in scoring last year.

Cincinnati was picked to finish eleventh overall in the conference. Cashmere Wright has a torn ACL in his left knee, he is out for the season. With Wright out of the line-up, it reduces the Bearcats 8 man roster to 7. Look for Cincinnati to dominate in the paint this year and to have a strong defensive presence with the combination of Anthony McClain and Yancy Gates.

Rutgers was picked to finish twelfth overall in the Big East. Senior F JR Inman is out for 3-4 weeks. Look for senior G Anthony Farmer and junior C Hamady Ndiaye to have big rolls for the Scarlet Knights.

Seton Hall, chosen to finish thirteenth in the league has little depth. The depth issues are worsened with the eligibility of Herb Pope and Keon Lawrence.

St John’s, DePaul and USF wrap up the preseason polls for the Big East. St. John’s Malik Boothe could make a challenge for PG. DePaul’s Mario Stula is sitting out for a few weeks, and when he returns could be a force off the bench. USF is dealing with eligibility issues for Maryland transfer Gus Gilchrist.

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It's Not all about Memphis this year

Last season, Memphis owned the Conference USA, finishing the season 16-0 in the league. This year however, look for Memphis to have a target on their back throughout conference play this year. There will be 6-7 teams contending to finish at the top of the league this season. Do not expect Memphis to go undefeated in the conference this year, there is simply too much competition. Last season Memphis was ranked 15th nationally in scoring offense (3196 points in 40 games); their individual players did not lead the conference in many scoring categories. Per the final conference statistics, Memphis was consistently at the top of the team stats but not the individual stats.
As for individuals that stood out last season and are returning, national rankings, placed Stefon Jackson (Sr., G, UTEP) at 7th  in individual scoring, playing in 33 games, with 778 points, he averaged 23.6 ppg. Robert Vaden (Sr., G/F, UAB) ranked 3rd nationally from beyond the arc, in 33 games, he made 142 out of 355 three-pointers, (4.3 3pg). C-USA players to watch this season are Robert Vaden (Sr., G/F, UAB), Stefon Jackson (Sr., G, UTEP), Jeremy Taylor (Sr., G, UCF), Jerome Jordan (Sr., C, TLS) and Jeremy Wise (Jr., ,USM).

2008-09 C-USA Preseason All-Conference Team
Robert Dozier - Sr., F, Memphis
Stefon Jackson - Sr., G, UTEP
Jerome Jordan - Jr., C, Tulsa
Jermaine Taylor - Sr., G, UCF
Robert Vaden - Sr., G/F, UAB
The Memphis Tigers finished the season 38-2, they were undefeated on the road, and lost only one game at home, their other loss came to Kansas in the National Championship at a neutral site. After a disappointing finish and performance in the title game to KU, look for Memphis to be on the prowl this season. The players have watched and re-watched the tapes from that game and are looking to rebound from their performance in that game. Memphis has a 42 game winning streak in the conference. The Tigers lost key player Joey Dorsey to graduation, but are returning senior’s Robert Dozier and Antonio Anderson. Dozier is the team’s top returning scorer (9.2 ppg) and rebounder (6.8 rpg). While Anderson, is a huge defensive presence. Look for Anderson and Dozier to break 1,000 points this season. Also keep an eye out for sophomore point G, Derrick Rose.

The UAB Blazers are a pre-season pick for second in the conference this year. The Blazers were 12-4 in conference play last year and finished the season 23-11. They are returning six seniors, led by C-USA Preseason Player of the Year, senior G/F, Robert Vaden (21 ppg). Vaden has dropped some weight and is looking for post season honors.  Other key players for the Blazers this season, senior F, Lawrence Kinnerd, senior G, Paul Delaney, senior G, Channing Toney and post player, senior F Howard Crawford. Expect a lot of leadership and experience from these players on and off the court.

The Tulsa Golden Hurricanes was a pre-season pick for third in the C-USA this season. Tulsa finished at .500 in the league last year and rounded the season out at 25-14. In post season last year, The Golden Hurricane won the inaugural College Basketball Invitational (best-of-three-series). Tulsa will be led this year by the junior duo,  G, Ben Uzoh (15.6 ppg and 5.4 rpg) and C Jerome Jordan (10.5 ppg, 7.9 rpg, 3.7 bpg). Uzoh lead the team in scoring last season, averaging 15.6 points, he scored in double figures 34 times. Jordan finished the season ranked 6th in the nation for blocked shots per game.

The UTEP Miners coming an 8-8 finish in the league, their final record was 19-14 is picked to finish fourth in the C-USA. The Miners are returning three starters, notably, senior  G Stefon Jackson (23.6 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 1.7 apg and 1.25 spg) and sophomore G Randy Culpepper (12.8 ppg, 2.1 rpg, 1.1 apg and1.6 spg). Leading the way for the newcomers on the team this year, transfer from Memphis, 7’0” Kareem Cooper. Jackson, is fourth in school history with 1,548 points, and should be a big offensive leader. Also this season, in memory of the legendary Coach Don Haskins, the team will don a patch with his initials.

The Southern Miss Golden Eagles were picked to finish 5th in the league after going 9-7 in C-USA play and rounding off the season at 19-14. Look for junior G Jeremy Wise (18.7 ppg and 4..2 apg) to be the key for the Golden Eagles. Last year, Wise tallied 41 three-pointers and led the team in scoring 20 out of 33 games.

The Marshall Thundering Herd finished conference play at .500 and the season at 16-14. Senior G/F Markel Humphrey injured himself in a pick-up game a few weeks ago, the injury resulting in a stress fracture in his left foot. He is expected to be out for six weeks, but is hoping to suit up for the season opener. The Herd will be led by sophomore F Tirell Banks (11.5 ppg and 5.8 rpg), junior F Tyler Wilkerson (9.2 ppg and 5.9 rpg) and senior G/F Markel Humphrey (13.1 ppg and 5.6 rpg). Humphrey crossed the 1,000 points mark last season, look for him to produce for the Herd. With Marshall having three very good transfers this year, look for them to finish higher then what most may think.

The Houston Cougars wrapped conference play up at 11-5, and the season up at 24-10. The Cougars might just be a sleeper in the C-USA. No one is looking at Houston right now in pre-season, since they lost 4 out of 5 starters last year and are returning only 2 seniors. This season look for coach Tom Penders to start a new and fresh line-up that will be highly talented. Houston lost Robert McKivee, who led the conference with total points in a game, 52. Also notable roster losses, Dion Dowell (6.8 rpg) and Tafari Toney (6.3 rpg), who were the team's top two rebounders.

The UCF Knights finished the season 9-7 in the conference and 19-14 overall. Watch out for, senior G Jermaine Taylor (20.8 ppg  and 4.7 rpg). Taylor led the team in scoring in 23 games. He also scored twenty points in 20 games.
The Tulane Green Wave was 6-10 in the conference and finished the season 17-15 overall. After starting last season off to a good start (15-6 and 5-2 in conference play), the Green Wave hit an 8 game losing streak. Coming off the 8 losses, late into the season, Tulane seemed unable to recover from the late season injuries and did not mesh will in team play.  Look for Tulane to provide some decent competition within the league.

The East Carolina Pirates were 5-11 in the conference and overall 11-19. Last season they hit 232 three-pointers, a school record, but Coach Mark McCarthy thinks they need to go beyond the arc even more. Look for ECU to work the ball to the outside and shoot more threes.

The SMU Mustangs went 4-12 in conference play and were a dismal 10-20 under Coach Matt Doherty. The Mustangs lost top scorer Jon Killen to graduation, look for senior C Bamba Fall (11.8 ppg, 5.6 rpg and 2.1 bpg) to pick up the pace for SMU in scoring.

The Rice Owls bottomed out the conference last season 0-16 in the cellar and finished the season at a bleak 3-27. The Owls have a new coach, Ben Braun, who is one of 17 in Division I coaches with at least 500 wins (552). Look for this to be a rebuilding year under Coach Braun, as Rice returns to their newly refurbished Tudor Fieldhouse.
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